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For Mary and Richard Cooke offering fine art prints was a natural. Over the course of their commercial career, they never lost sight of the goal. To capture and communicate the awesome power of light that is never the same twice.

Waiting for the light in a thousand year old cathedral, hauling tripods through lavender fields, laying in wait for a sunrise over a neolithic Dolman, these are the things that inspire them. Their interest in ancient architecture, pilgrimage sites in Europe, monasteries and Romanesque building techniques have lead to extensive research of the history of these subjects. Mary and Richard look for the presence of history through their view finder.

Please enjoy looking through the serene and tranquil images. Whether you are interested in 300 year old Spanish missions of South Texas, the morning mist in Provence or a 700 year old tomb sculpture at a Cistercian monastery in Ireland, we hope you will find something that speaks to you.

  We are the featured artist at the retail furniture gallery Clarke and Doyle Living in Arlington, Texas:

Our prints are for sale framed and unframed at this location.

Please see the prints on offer at this link:


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